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111 - Non typical use of impact weapon (Spear)

Jethro Randolph / 2021

Student awareness video.

For information purposes only.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul - they are also the window to debilitating injury and even death.

Many martial arts contain stick methods, most notably FMA - Arnis, Escrima etc.

It's common in self defence to consider a stick like weapon (hammers, pieces of wood etc)to be used in a slashing/ beating way. They are swung, build momentum and force to injure.

It's worth remembering then that the martial arts mentioned also contain stabbing movements with the stick which are rarely seen to be covered in self defence training. The presumption is that an untrained/ or trained opponent will beat you with the stick and that there will be an arc to try and utilise for defence.

A thrusting and specifically targeted attack - here to the eye - is almost ALWAYS overlooked by many. It'll be covered in knife material where stabbing is of course common but the longer range of a stabbing stick is forgotten or seen as "low percentage".

Here it is the use of a pool cue - the tapered end giving increased pounds per inch to the impact which enters the eye of the victim and possibly the brain - this assault was fatal.

Look at the casual manner in which the attacker walks away - there is no surprise as to what just happened which leads to the suspicion that it was a deliberate stab to the eye rather than a fluke, unintended lashing out. It's not an easy shot at that angle unless it is practiced - another point to consider.


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