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114 - "Between beast and man" - Animalistic states of mind

How can a smaller person with minimal training be hell on wheels difficult for an elite level martial artist to deal with? What are the differences in mental state between extreme violence and combat sports? What happens when one person is trying to apply martial art techniques and the other is seeing these very same techniques as attempted murder? Will they respond the same way as someone in a dojo? Or will they fight with everything they have to escape what they perceive to be a mortal threat? Interesting video. The viewpoint will be unpopular bubble bursting for some but in a self defence context - that's always a good thing. Related posts: A longer interview with MMA fighter Anthony Smith

113 - TacMed Webinar - Emergency first aid - SMART Primary Assessment

Excellent free resource from TacMed Australia: One of the most important skills for a medic is the primary assessment. This video will teach you the key ideas - includes stabs/ gunshot wounding etc.  The primary assessment allows us to methodically find and treat life-threatening injuries in the order of severity. Whether you are a first aider or a critical care doctor, the primary assessment is vital in the timely treatment of casualties. To help with reference, I've attached screen shots of key points below the video.

112 - One Small Voice - The slow drip, How I became controlled

This is an excellent article from the One Small Voice blog about the systematic process of abuse that represents coercive control . The slow drip metaphor is very helpful in describing how anyone can be slowly brought to rock bottom by a methodical and calculated abuser. The lasting effects of this abuse having managed to escape are also detailed. .......................................................................................................... One Small Voice - The slow drip, How I became controlled It has been more than three years now since I found myself free and floundering. Those early days, weeks and even months were filled with fear, confusion and grief. My world had not only suddenly collapsed, but I was slowly becoming aware of the reality of my marriage.  There are still times where I find myself wondering how I didn’t know, whether I have exaggerated events or if I deserved it for being a bad person. But then the flashbacks come, and I know it wasn’t me. I guess ni

111 - Non typical use of impact weapon (Spear)

Jethro Randolph / 2021 Student awareness video. For information purposes only. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul - they are also the window to debilitating injury and even death. Many martial arts contain stick methods, most notably FMA - Arnis, Escrima etc. It's common in self defence to consider a stick like weapon (hammers, pieces of wood etc)to be used in a slashing/ beating way. They are swung, build momentum and force to injure. It's worth remembering then that the martial arts mentioned also contain stabbing movements with the stick which are rarely seen to be covered in self defence training. The presumption is that an untrained/ or trained opponent will beat you with the stick and that there will be an arc to try and utilise for defence. A thrusting and specifically targeted attack - here to the eye - is almost ALWAYS overlooked by many. It'll be covered in knife material where stabbing is of course common but the longer range of a stabbing stick is

110 - Juggernaut Training Systems - "How Heavy Do You Need To Lift for BJJ?"

Jethro Randolph 2021  Following on from my last post: This is an interesting video as it sets out recommended strength levels in the context of  BJJ competition. Yes, there are weight classes but there is also the strength to weight ratio of the athlete to consider. The stronger you are, the more advantage you have. This is not the only factor but it is there and it is real. This does go against a lot of marketing you will come across about smaller people beating all comers with xyz martial art... From a self defence point of view this video is relevant for a number of reasons: Being strong protects you and helps you general day to day life. As does being healthy and fit. It's one of the keys to longevity. Being strong and importantly LOOKING strong is one way of not getting picked on by bullies/ criminals who look at you as basically a risk to them in terms of resistance. It's not a guarantee and in

109 - Hard2Hurt - "BJJ is Not Designed for Small People... No Martial Art is."

Jeth Randolph 2021 This is a hilarious piece of click bait which will no doubt have a few keyboard fanboys in a righteous frenzy of defensive typing... The average rational person doesn't want to be in fights. If they ever are it's either that they've made a huge error of judgement and been at least partly responsible for it in the first place or they've been attacked. Avoiding the first scenario at all costs and finding a way to escape the second as quickly as possible is pretty much all I'm interested in. In fairness to BJJ people, they've been mentioned as it's a popular sport and guaranteed to get hits for the video. Pretty much all martial arts have this uncomfortable problem. Self defence (SD) courses do too if they get confused as to what they're doing and wander into "martial land" - usually for commercial reasons rather than logic and become self delusional. All martial styles have a lot of good ideas to offer (ok not all but I won'