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101 - Scenario (video) Two examples of edged weapon assault

  Two examples of the same slashing attack made to the left side of the throat but from different angles and different contexts. Ambush (victim survived) Interview (victim died)

100 - Scenario - (Video) Biting


99 - Scenario (video) Weapon retention - Long Gun


98 - (Video) Train station knife assault


97 - Video - Kicks as takedowns / Stop 6


96 - (Video) Front kicks Creating space

 Creating space

95 - Scenario (Video) Ambush assault in elevator


94 - Scenario (Video) Ambush / Strangulation


93 - Scenario - (Video) grappling in glass

  Confrontation type self defence vs fighting environment grappling in broken glass (vertical and ground)

92 - Scenario (Video) street harassment

  Challenging street harassment leads to assault Environment Bystanders Consequence

91 - Drink spike example #2


90 - Drink Spike example #1


89 - Scenario - (Video) Acid robbery

  2017 UK Substance believed to be ammonia "Police say the victim, a delivery driver of a nearby takeaway, was attacked while he entered details into a sat-nav in his car. When the victim said that he did not have any money, he was squirted in the face with a chemical that smelt of ammonia".

88 - Scenario (Video) Car park fight

  Environment Participants Tells Indicators Stop 6

87 - Scenario (video) Knife assault against motorist

  Presumed road rage Knife carry / concealment General safety issues

86 - (Video) pre assault behaviour training film

  Short US Police training film

85 - Scenario (Graphic Video) group assault with weapons

  Murder of champion sport grappler. Knives and impact weapons Environment group assault weapons

84 - Scenario - (Video) Group assault

  Cashes Green, Stroud, UK. Group assault, opportunist robbery, impact weapon, vehicle hit. Witness involvement

83 - Scenario - (Video) Group fight with impact weapons


82 - Scenario - (video) Headbutt from interview


81 - Scenario - Dominant/ Counter Dominant - Retail Assault (Video)

Assault and aggression towards retail workers is very common. The realities of working in a public facing business is that you encounter every kind of personality and situation out there - good and bad. The retail worker is the front face of the company and as such will be the first to contact the member of the public. There's a whole range of reasons for aggression to start during this initial encounter .  Sadly, not all staff have great communication and conflict management skills, conversely, I've experienced customers while doing security work that confused the consumer relationship with staff to be one of "Master and servant" when the wish is blocked they act as though it is now their right to exact punishment even physically- a personality disorder to be sure which can sometimes be exacerbated by the marketing of the retailer. The customer is not always right! We don't know the flash point in the video below but the customer clearly moves toward the kneeling

80 - Training scenario - Stick as weapon of opportunity (Video)

 A fight using a stick as defence against two aggressors. Real fights are scrappy and chaotic unlike scripted dojo practice but the basic core mechanics are there - a 2 O' Clock hooking stick strike to the head or neck will get a result. People cannot legally carry sticks as weapons in the UK but opportunistic weapons are all around that will work on the  same principles. There's none of the finesse or grace of martial arts such as FMA on display here but the result is devastating... If you enjoyed this free content, please consider visiting my store - there's a wide range of stuff to choose from: stickers, shirts, mugs etc. "The Art of Anti-Social Distancing" stick fighting shirt available now!  Click the image to visit the store.

79 - Solo Stick Fighting Drills Part 4 - Hooking Strikes 8 Count (Non Committed)

                                                        (c)  Jethro Randolph 2021 Part one:  Here Part two:  Here Part three: Here This 8 count pattern follows the same angles as you learned in part three but this time you return the stick to it's starting position after each strike rather than following through. This is referred to as hit and retract. It means that you don't commit fully a single attack angle. So if you're doing strike #one,  do the strike and then retrace it's route exactly back to your start position. Do this for each of the clock times that you do. Work through the footwork ideas from before and work both left and right hands. Hooking Strikes 8 Count (Non Committed) The pattern: 1 - Hooking forehand diagonal strike down from 2 O' Clock and return to start position. 2 - Hooking backhand diagonal strike down from 10 O' Clock and return to start position. 3 - Hooking forehand horizontal strike in from 3 O' Clock and return to start position

78 - Solo stick fighting drills part 3 - Hooking Strikes 8 Count (Committed)

©Jethro Randolph 2021 Part one: Here Part two: Here Hooking Strikes 8 Count (Committed)  Work through this single hand 8 count drill with the stick in your right hand, then repeat with the left.  When working left handed, repeat the right hand pattern to start and then do a mirror opposite version when you feel more confident. Foot work:  Try different sets for example, right foot forward, feet aligned, left foot forward, dynamic (moving your feet). Follow through with power on all the strikes - committed. Imagine a clock face in front of you and follow the instructions to replicate the movements. The pattern: 1 - Hooking forehand diagonal strike down from 2 O' Clock 2 - Hooking backhand diagonal strike down from 10 O' Clock 3 - Hooking forehand horizontal strike in from 3 O' Clock 4 - Hooking backhand horizontal strike in from 9  O' Clock 5 - Hooking forehand upward diagonal strike from  4 O' Clock 6 -  Hooking backhand upward diagonal strike from 8 O' Clock 7

77 - Mindset - Courtesy

 Giving courtesy to others costs you nothing and sometimes rewards in unexpected ways. Comment from Doorgreeter22 over on our IG page:

76 - Personal Security And The Return Of The Six P Theory

"What could go wrong?" Last April I posted this great example of the six P theory - or prior planning prevents piss poor performance... Those who we are encouraged to think of as the smartest of us - or at least that's what they themselves seem to tell us, royally screwing up through overreliance on clever solutions but completely forgetting basics like having a plan. Here's another example from this week: To give that some perspective, that's $240 million. Yep, forgot the password... Clever, until.... Think about your personal security planning.  Think about your physical threat solutions. Are they solid and reliable to the best of your current knowledge? How do you know this? How could it be improved? Redteam the idea - try and find flaws - how would YOU try and get round YOUR own security? Constantly reappraise your training - what you learned from one instructor in January ma

75 - Research - Robert Sapolsky: Human Behavioral Biology

A series of lectures from Stanford University on  cutting edge research into the biology that drives our worst and best behaviors.

74 - Hock Hochheim - Martial Scepticism

72 - Research - Pistol whipped!

 The gun used as a blunt weapon.

71 - Marcin "Różal" Różalski vs Josh Barnett - Cała walka | Genesis


70 - Research - Gloucestershire crime patterns Dec '19 - Nov '20


69 - Research - Stroud crime patterns to March 2020

    Violent crime has soared in Stroud over the last year, despite an overall drop in recorded offences. But with no official crime statistics yet published for the coronavirus lockdown period , police chiefs say their own figures show overall crime remains far below normal levels. Gloucestershire Constabulary recorded 1,978 incidents of violent crime in Stroud in the 12 months to March, according to the Office for National Statistics. That was an increase of 51% compared to the previous year. At 16.6 crimes per 1,000 people, that was far lower than the rate across England and Wales, which stood at 29.9. One of the main factors behind the increase in Stroud was the rise in violence without injury, which rose by 100%, from 300 incidents to 601. Offences of violence with injury meanwhile increased by 17% to 809. There were also 568 cases of stalking or harassment, up by 79% on the previous year. Overall, police recorded 3% more crime across England an