Monday, 9 November 2020

55 - Trained fighters losing to less trained but larger opponents

Shaq vs black belt sport wrestlers.

So basically Shaq's strategy here consists of :

1 - Lie on top of opponent

2 - Wait for the struggling to stop.

These are elite level  combat athletes strugging to cope with a larger opponent who is nowhere near as well trained as they are.

Remember this any time you hear the mantra of "Using technique alone you can beat larger opponents" being sold to you as self defence.

If you are a small person being attacked by a much larger, more powerful  criminal would taking them to the floor and attempting to wrestle them be a realistic option for you?

Your first thought should be to break free and get away - how you achieve this is subject to the use of justifiable and reasonable force.

There are so many variables at play in a mixed person (s) violent struggle. Technique and training is only one of them. 

Never drink the "Martial Marketing Cool Aid" 

No one thing works for everyone, all the time.

No promises, no guarantees, just options.


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