Wednesday, 21 October 2020

50 - "Who you are when no one's looking" - Gaslighting and abuser psychology

 Greed, avarice, abuse, narcissism, manipulation, no remorse, attempted murder...

Video showing real insights into the thinking and motivations of an abuser. There are clear depictions of what gaslighting is and how an abuser attempts to manipulate their victim and others even trying to deny the reality of being caught redhanded.

50 mins long and worth your time - the statements of the victim and judge at the end are very useful in giving a clear understanding of the evil being perpertrated and the lasting effects on the victim.


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

49 - Training scenario - Street ambush assault


48 - Alain Burrese - Just be nice

 It's a simple idea but somewhere, perhaps right now, someone is involved in a needless and damaging incident that could have simply been avoided in the first place by just being nicer, sparing a thought for someone else's perspective or just letting it slide...

Is it always an external problem or do you need to perhaps work on yourself a little?

No it's not a panacea solution for all situations as we well know but when looking at the sad state of affairs playing out everyday - at least as the media would have us believe - it could be a start.

Pretty simple really.


Thanks to personal safety expert and author Alain Burrese for sharing this following thought:


Check out Alain's website for articles articles, DVDs, books and more:

And don't forget these words from the Gospel of St Patrick:

Monday, 19 October 2020

47 - Training scenario: Attacker concealing weapon (video)

Second example referenced in workshop  - 14/10/20

Stop 1 , interview.

Example of body language and behaviour while concealing a weapon - in this case a knife.

A universal situation playing out in a police context - apply this to YOUR context.

Attempt to use deescalation tactics.

From turning away as he starts to physically resist the policeman is stabbed in the neck. 

Confrontion and chase is ended with use of taser.

Suspect is charged with:  attempted felony murder of a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence.


46 - Training Scenario: Unarmed vs Handgun (video)


14/10/20 - Stop one workshop scenario example for attending students to augment training.

Video (well known from the 90's) shows close range shooting within a police undercover context.

Extra info for the student to consider:

An old 1980's US police training manual quotes FBI "Law enforcement officers killed" summaries:

85% of officer/suspect shooting happen in ranges of < 7 yards.

A "vast majority" of officers killed were less than 10 feet from their assailant.

Half are 5 feet or less away when shot - close enough to touch.

Between 1854 and 1980, of all the 250 New York fatal shootings of police officers - only ONCE did the suspect shoot from a distance over 20 feet away.

Source: Remsberg

General points to consider:

Think about the differences between this police context and YOUR civilian one.

Weapon is in secondary carry position.

Weapon is on target by the time the victim turns.

Components of survival:

Instinctive raising of hands - arm bones can possibly deflect bullets from body.

Body turns to clear path of bullet.

Stop 6 defensive kicking saves the officers life by deflecting the gun as the second shot is fired. This is why BPP is practiced from Stop 6 positions vs a dominant position assailant.

What do you notice re: the method of standing Stop 6 back to Stop 1 prior to shooting of assailant by second officer.


Wednesday, 7 October 2020

45 - Karate Combat

An hour of full contact karate hosted by the one and only Bas Rutten dressed as an astronaut - what's not to like?

Loads of other bout videos can be found here:

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

44 - 67 year old woman beats and stick chokes intruder to save neighbour



It's heartening in this year of relentless bad news to hear that a scumbag who liked to prey on and assault elderly ladies finally met his match in sub 5 foot Lorenza Marrujo. Not unlike an old lady that I used to know in London who headbutted the guy trying to take her handbag in the street - Lorenza wasn't playing by the expected script!

The text below is from a news report, my comments in brackets. (Scroll down for video)

Lorenza Marrujo might be small — standing less than 5 feet tall — but on Monday night, the 67-year-old proved she can pack a punch.

According to police, Marrujo confronted an intruder after he broke into her Fontana apartment at a complex for seniors.

“As he was coming towards me, I said, ‘Back off’ right away,” Marrujo, who has had 26 years of martial arts training, said.

The man listened and left her apartment, but he was not done for the night, breaking into the apartment of 81-year-old Elizabeth McCray’s — Marrujo’s friend and neighbor.

(If you escape a problem, seel assistance immediately - the criminal may be preying on someone else straight away).

“He grabbed me and he shake me,” McCray said. “And I went down on the floor.”

Marrujo heard McCray’s screams and immediately went to help.

“I squeezed myself between her and him,” Marrujo said. “I put mama on the side, and I jumped on him and I was punching him and everything, and I had the cane against his throat.”

(A less often considered scenario is that of protecting a third party from assault. Rarely ever considered by the glib commentators who say " just run away " - this just isn't an option sometimes even if we ourselves are safe or can get away - do we just leave someone else who cannot?

She also used a weapon of opportunity in her cane - I have no idea of the gun laws in her location but with guns and knives ...litigation ensues. If a walking cane was used defensively it shows no indication of prior intent etc)

Marrujo said she didn’t want to kill the intruder, so she switched positions to hold him down with her hands.

(She has a good legal understanding, understanding of use of force and adaptable skillsets that give options. This only comes from prolonged training.)

“He lifted up and tried to twist my hand, but at the same time, I twisted his and turned it around real fast and he was saying, ‘You’re hurting me, you’re hurting me,'” Marrujo said. “And I said, ‘I don’t care. I don’t care what happens to you. You had no right to hurt an elderly person.'”

(First: everything has a counter and that then has a counter of it's own. 

Physical altercations are "a series of unfortunate events" each with a problem solving solution - learn ideas, learn the counters to those ideas - a more complete understanding of application.

Second: Denying empathy - when losing the criminal then pleads that he is being hurt. If he was released , he could easily have restarted his assault on the two women. Don't listen , think only of the reality of YOUR situation)

“I didn’t expect that little lady would be that brave,” McCray said of her friend. “I said, ‘Could you be careful, he’s gonna kill us.’ She said, ‘Not tonight.'”

(This is what anger is for - not to be tamed and "managed away" it is why human beings prevail in overwhelming circumstances - an evolutionary gift - correct channeled indignant anger).

McCray was taken to the hospital for treatment and was released the next day. The suspect, who was not physically hurt, was taken into custody by police who do not recommend that people jump into situations like this.

 ( A standard legal line - "Don't get involved, wait for others to solve it for you". You must be smart legally and understand how you will be judged but this was not a situation where Lorenza could just stand by - what would that response time have been? Her neighbour might have been dead by the time they arrived. She did the right thing in HER context and at great risk to herself.  Would this story play out the same if the two women were younger males? Would this still be celebrated by the press? It is a totality of events and perception. What if this was YOU?)

  “We recommend that you dial 911 for emergency assistance, which, in this case, she did that, and she also jumped in,” Jennie Venzor, spokesperson for the Fontana Police Department, said. “What she told me is that her training kicked in, and it was like a muscle memory. She knew she had to help her friend out.”

 ( Unless you're a little old lady , never mention training, muscle memory etc - this will be a gift to the defendant's solicitor in court - you can be portrayed as a psychopath with a fascination for violence ...).

Train hard, stay safe and look out for each other, Jeth.

Video from US tv:

59 - Mindset - On winning

  - quote from Bob Knight. It's always great to get mail from a trainee that has the dedication to train on their own and really commit ...