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43 - Kindness


42 - Guest writer: Rodolfo Valdes

  Always a pleasure to talk with friend and fellow Force Necessary instructor Rodolfo Valdes (seen above training in the US with former SEAL team member) who runs Force Necessary: Argentina. We're proud to share that one of Rodolfo's Force Necessary students recently foiled the attempted kidnapping of a three year old toddler by an alleged paedophile who tried to abduct the child in the street in broad daylight from her Aunt. It's a great example of why self defence training is a positive benefit to your community. Rodolfo, a security consultant with a police patrol and corrections background also sent this video (Below) of a similar abduction attempt caught on video where members of the public act to save a child and then apprehend the suspect. Rodolfo writes: "If we had told you about these type of incidents, which are becoming more frequent every day around the world (this is the second video we published on this subject, the previous one was on July 9, 2016), you p

41 - Home invasion with distraction

  Looks like a targeted attack on a specific property as going in to an unknown would prove much higher risk. Victim will have been watched for a period of time prior. Female is used to circumvent external security like a camera etc and to lower the guard of the occupant by posing as low risk. Asking questions like directions, asking for help or pretending to be delivering to the wrong address will occupy the thoughts of the victim away from scanning the street or general awareness. Accomplices wait out of sight and approach partailly blocked by door. Looks like a weapon threat upon entering. Female then acts as lookout as second male enters.       Direct video link: