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31 - (VIDEO) Defensive Concepts: Ambush or interview?

Defensive Concepts: Ambush or interview? Jethro Randolph / 2020 Types of criminal assault may be broken down generally into one of these two ideas. Ambush Above image: The bullet riddled door of Bonnie and Clyde's car after they were abushed and killed by lawmen. ** “ Nothing beats the element suprise” , indeed it has defeated some of the greatest fighters and armies in history. The use by early humans of the ambush may date as far back as two million years when anthropologists have recently suggested that ambush techniques were used to hunt large game. * In self defence terms it means that someone has: Studied you and set a trap Creeps up on you and attacks you. Etc. Ambush robs you of awareness, understanding of events and options – you are, at best, reactive rather than proactive and therefore behind the curve of events playing a desperate game of catch up. This also makes you less of a risk to the assailant/s. Interview

30 - Group training resumes.

Self defence group training resumed last week. Unarmed defence / Unarmed defence vs mixed weapons syllabus. Wednesdays / 19.00 / outdoor venue / Stroud, Gloucestershire. Conforming to all Government/ Covid 19 restrictions. Open to Force Necessary UK members ONLY To apply for waiting list, please contact Jeth at: Photo: Sneza Stevanovic Krstic / BLIC Magazine / Serbia