Thursday, 28 May 2020

27 - Solo stick fighting drills - part one

Solo stick fighting drills - part one: one hand

Jethro Randolph/ 2020

You will need a Escrima stick (google it!), ax handle or any stick appx 28” /71 cm.

If you can't get a rattan stick make your own from PVC pipe, old broomstick etc**

Drill 1: Stand in a generic “fighting ready position” , hold your stick in front in
your dominant hand, same side foot forward.

Practice two diagonal hooking slash strikes with the stick. These are :
Forehand diagonal slash from 2 o clock down.
Backhand diagonal slash from 10 o clock down.
You are now striking a “X” in front of you.

Repeat and practice. Use intention don't just go through the motions.

Drill 2: Do the same with your Non Dominant hand.

Drill 3: Alternate constantly between both hands.

Drill 4: Practice with one foot forward, then feet neutral (side by side) , then one
foot back.

Drill 5: Start to move your feet as in sparring while striking X's with the stick,
alternating hands and changing feet positions.
Visualise an attacker in front of you.

Drill 6: Practice standing, kneeling and on your back.
Cycle through these positions as you did with the Get Up* drill for reps or time to
create a combative work out.

*Please see updates 02 and 03 for the get up drills.

** Please note, you can safely use any appropriate length stick for solo pactice (flow drills etc) - but please NEVER USE non appropriate substitutes for impact work or partner practice!

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