Friday, 3 April 2020

04 - Lun's 8 Count Drill

Lun's 8 Count Drill

Here's a UC skill set from our friend and Force Necessary practitioner / Martial (FMA/ JKD) veteran Lun Lok.

It consists of:
Left jab,
Right cross
Left uppercut
Right cross
Left knee
Right knee
Two hand shove
Rear roundhouse kick

You can develop this into a great 15 mins conditioning workout by working it to 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest breaks, adding work as you go:

General 5 – 10 mins warm up
3 mins jab cross
1 min rest
3 mins - jab/ cross/ left uppercut/ right cross
1 min rest
3 mins – jab / cross / left uppercut / right cross/ left knee / right knee
1 min rest
3 mins – jab / cross / left uppercut / right cross / left knee / right knee / shove / rear roundhouse.
Cool down

During rest periods DO NOT STOP MOVING – jog or walk on the spot. 
If you feel out of breath, use your breath pattern (burst pattern) until breathing and heart rate slow.

This pattern can be used as:

A partner drill – with or without mitts. 
The shove gives the partner time to place the mitts/pads for the kick.

A solo drill – throw the strikes into the air.

A heavy bag drill – the uppercut might be replaced with another strike – eg an up jab – play with it and see what works for you.

BOB Dummy – play with different entries to knees – centre neck clinch or side clinch.


Check out Lun's blog here:

Contact Jethro Randolph (Stroud, UK) at the website below:

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