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14 - One threat - multiple reactions

By Jethro Randolph/ April 2020 This video was taken a recently during lockdown. It appears that people are queuing waiting for the store to open or that the store is limiting the number of customers inside. The subject kicking the doors appears drunk though possibly there may be other factors driving his behaviour. The blocking of his wish to enter the store possibly for more alcohol is triggering typical scripted posturing type threats such as: “ You don't know who I am!” “ You don't know who you're messing with!” Usually used by frustrated people wishing to make themselves and others believe that they are a more potent force than they really are. Tesco staff here are following retail policy which is to “Lock 'em out and wait for the cops”. This will be accompanied with the hope that the damage to the doors will not be so bad that they have to stay after work and wait for emergency glassiers/repairs. Any store security (unlikely in

13 - Kicking while grappling

Here's a quick snippet from the W.Hock Hochheim training weekend back in March. This clip shows the beginning of a skill development drill - in this case, kicking one subject at your six o'clock while grappling with a second. Get's harder from here - pressure here is low. Defender: Slavisa Mendebaba (Serbia) 12 O'Clock: Jethro Randolph (UK) 6 O'Clock: Simon Loveland (UK)

12 - New research on fight or flight response.

New research may cause a rethink of how the stress response is understood - Jethro Randolph "The fight or flight response is thought to be triggered in part by the release of the hormone adrenaline. But a new study from Columbia researchers suggests that bony vertebrates can’t muster this response to danger without the skeleton. The researchers found in mice and humans that almost immediately after the br ain recognizes danger, it instructs the skeleton to flood the bloodstream with the bone-derived hormone osteocalcin, which is needed to turn on the fight or flight response. “In bony vertebrates, the acute stress response is not possible without osteocalcin,” says the study’s senior investigator, GĂ©rard Karsenty, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Genetics & Development at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. “It completely changes how we think about how acute stress responses occur." “The view of bones as merely an ass

11 - Hock Hochheim: Fighting, is checkers not chess.

Hock writes: "Fighting, is checkers not chess. (Lessons learned come from arts, sports, war and crime. Decipher. Filter. Cleanse). Lessons learned come from arts, sports, war and crime. Decipher. It's hard doing these "one quote-one photo" things. But I would like to add, if you love doing an art, and you know it's an art, you know where it fits in the big picture, and you are happy? I too, am very happy for you. Have fun. Just...just...know..."

10 - In danger? Need the Police but cannot speak?

09 - Violence and Virtue Signaling by Jackie Bradbury

" What happens when we start mixing virtual signaling with the real (or imagined) risk of violence?" Jackie Bradbury.  We've spoken many times in workshops about the dangers of intervening in violent or aggressive situations - here's an excellent article by Jackie Bradbury from her martial arts blog: "The Stick Chick"... Jethro Randolph Click here to go to Jackie's article

08 - Two swords vs Vehicle, Impact weapon, shield.

07 - Why can't your body handle a punch to the liver?

06 - Fighting for your life: Sport vs survival

Thanks to FN practitioner Toby for sending this in. MMA fighter Anthony Smith descibes a violent home invasion that he and his family survived. There are many learning points here as he describes very honestly the huge difference in fighting someone in a sporting context as opposed to fighting for your life against an unknown person/ persons in the middle of the night who may or may not be armed.

05 - Igor's Full-Body Functional Workout

Great 5 min full body workout from FN: Serbia instructor Igor Grujic with an emphasis on fist alignment for bareknuckle striking - Jeth Igor writes: " You don't need a gym filled with equipment to build serious muscle, strength, and conditioning. All you need is a plan. The workout is tough and intense, but it’s also efficient.  Go hard for five minutes straight.  This workout is good for improving the performance of the whole body,people who want to improve their appearance and for people who deal with Self-Defense and Combat.   Complexes are great because they force you to complete a high-volume workout in a short amount of time.  No rests until you’ve finished a Circle!  If You want, You can Rest 2 minutes and repeat 1 more Circle.  Workout Structure: 4 exercises in 1 Circle:  The Gorilla Crawl  Monkey Burpee  10 Punches Maximum Repetitions in 5 min"   SOKO Website:  

04 - Lun's 8 Count Drill

Lun's 8 Count Drill Here's a UC skill set from our friend and Force Necessary practitioner / Martial (FMA/ JKD) veteran Lun Lok. It consists of: Left jab, Right cross Left uppercut Right cross Left knee Right knee Two hand shove Rear roundhouse kick You can develop this into a great 15 mins conditioning workout by working it to 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest breaks, adding work as you go: General 5 – 10 mins warm up 3 mins jab cross 1 min rest 3 mins - jab/ cross/ left uppercut/ right cross 1 min rest 3 mins – jab / cross / left uppercut / right cross/ left knee / right knee 1 min rest 3 mins – jab / cross / left uppercut / right cross / left knee / right knee / shove / rear roundhouse. Cool down During rest periods DO NOT STOP MOVING – jog or walk on the spot.    If you feel out of breath, use your breath pattern (burst pattern) until breathing and heart rate slow. This pattern can be used as: A partn

03 - Get Up Drill - part two.

Are there any exercises that mimic this skill   Yes, a resistance exercise called a “Turkish Get Up” ( from wrestling) trains similar muscle groups and can be used for either fitness or, with the addition of heavy weights, for strength. It's fantastic for pretty much the whole body and will hit the core muscles and shoulders really well. Here is an example of this movement. Kettlebells are great for this but a dumbbell works 2 nd best – or a backpack with some bottles of water will do if you have neither – try it out and see what you can do – as always remember to train right and left side! Idea: Alternate days of training just the skill (drill 2) with days of Weighted Turkish get ups. Idea: Alternate a week of Drill 2 for fitness/ flexibility with a week of Turkish get ups for strength.