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77 - Mindset - Courtesy

 Giving courtesy to others costs you nothing and sometimes rewards in unexpected ways. Comment from Doorgreeter22 over on our IG page:
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76 - Personal security and the "Six P Theory"

"What could go wrong?" Last April I posted this great example of the six P theory - or prior planning prevents piss poor performance... Those who we are encouraged to think of as the smartest of us - or at least that's what they themselves seem to tell us, royally screwing up through overreliance on clever solutions but completely forgetting basics like having a plan. Here's another example from this week: To give that some perspective, that's $240 million. Yep, forgot the password... Clever, until.... Think about your personal security planning.  Think about your physical threat solutions. Are they solid and reliable to the best of your current knowledge? How do you know this? How could it be improved? Redteam the idea - try and find flaws. Have a B, C and at least D plan. Do they pass the Six P test?

75 - Research - Robert Sapolsky: Human Behavioral Biology

A series of lectures from Stanford University on  cutting edge research into the biology that drives our worst and best behaviors.

74 - Hock Hochheim - Martial Scepticism

72 - Research - Pistol whipped!

 The gun used as a blunt weapon.

71 - Marcin "Różal" Różalski vs Josh Barnett - Cała walka | Genesis